(Translation by a machine) The literary production of Lomas Morales presented in this section identifies two distinct groups: "Texts written by the author" (short essays published in magazines, newspapers, digital magazines, prefaces, short essays, works of collaborative trial ...) and " Text written about the author "(references published in literary magazines, books and media in general on the work of Lomas Morales).

In both cases, the texts follow a reverse chronological order, from last years it began the first of a more effective way to develop his literary work in profusion.

Some of the conferences have been published and others are still to be.

The works remain unpublished and published to date shown in the "Works" of the author.

It should be noted that this bibliography is not complete, so that might arise in future years at the time texts that have disappeared, or there was no news of his place of publication.

The "Text written about the author" includes interviews with Lomas Morales, as well as criticism, comment, items ... subject whose life or work.

Last updated. February 2010.


El creador de libros, pintura de José Boyano

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